BUILT. is changing the training game in Adelaide.

At BUILT. we offer small group personal training (a maximum of 12 people per class) using top quality equipment. This means that you get individualised coaching from the best trainers in Adelaide in an amazing group atmosphere. You will learn how to lift with perfect technique. Importantly, you will also get access to some of the best training equipment in the state. This means busting through plateaus and making progress faster than you ever thought possible.

What Does a BUILT. Class Look Like?

If you sign up as a BUILT. member, you get access to up to 5 small group strength training sessions per week, as well as 1 additional conditioning session per week.

But what does this actually look like?

You come into BUILT. 5-10 minutes before your session. This is where you spend some time stretching, hop on a foam roller, and do any of your extra mobility work.

Then as soon as your session commences, it is go time.

You will spend 3-5 minutes undertaking a warmup guided by your coach. This is designed to prepare you for the main lift of the day, increasing muscle activation and honing technique.

This is followed by about 50 minutes of solid strength training.

You will complete between 5 and 8 exercises. The first couple of exercises will be strength focused, using heavier loads and lower repetitions. The next two will focus on developing your muscular system, using moderate loads for slightly higher repetitions. Finally, the last few exercises will be performed for higher repetitions, focusing on those key muscle groups that improve your posture, enhance stability, promote the health of your joints, and prevent injuries.

Each strength session has a different focus — so each weekly workout will be a little different (although it will follow the same format).

At BUILT. we program in four week blocks. This allows you to build your strength and improve your technique over a four week period, ensuring that when Week 4 comes around, you are primed to hit some personal bests in the gym — after which, you will commence a new program.

Importantly, we also use professional Strength and Conditioning software to help you track your progress session to session, week to week, and month to month. As a result, every single one of your sessions are progressed in accordance to what your body needs, so you can watch yourself improve weekly.

Does BUILT. Offer Personal Training?

If you want something a little different to group based training, or have very specific training goals, our high level coaches are here to help.

We also offer one-on-one personal training to help you achieve your goals.

In short, BUILT. is here to offer you the ultimate training experience — so what are you waiting for?

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