When I arrived in Australia, I had this vision of myself eating clean, training every day and losing all this weight. This vision wasn’t realistic. I have struggled the past 5 years with my weight and relationship with nutrition. From having a roaring eating disorder to being on anti-depressants I was struggling emotionally and physically. After trying new fitness routines and none of them being that successful, I was introduced to Tom as someone who might be able to help me. I was nervous because my experience with some male trainers before has been negative and they didn’t understand what struggles I was dealing with. Funnily enough before I even met Tom, he texted me and said write me a food diary, that we would discuss at our next session. Well I did just that, but little did I realise that my nutritiously lean meals weren’t giving me the energy that my body needed. Tom encouraged me to eat more to fuel my body and to not be scared of incorporating more food into my diet. Not only has he been there to help me realise my relationship with food was unhealthy he has helped me realize how strong I am too. My physical strength and form has improved so much because Tom has made sure I am lifting correctly to avoid injury. I am so thankful for my new mindset towards nutrition and fitness. Tom has been supporting me from the beginning and I can say he will be a mate for life. I trust him with pointing me in the right direction in becoming my best self. BUILT strength and conditioning isn’t just a gym it’s a family and a community. I am so thankful to be a part of it
"BUILT. has given me everything I didn't realise I needed! It's opened up a whole new way of training and results. To me small group training is by far more enjoyable, with a high focus on each individual. BUILT. isn't filled with any social clicks, egos or unhealthy competition. Tom is committed to ensuring my goals are achievable with an evidence-based approach, ensuring my safety both physically and mentally."
"Hands down the best gym experience I've ever had in over 10 years of different gyms, fitness studios and styles of training. The BUILT. experience is like no other because of the small class sizes, the trainers are always there to help correct form, motivate and help reach your goals. After struggling with back issues for several years, it's always great to walk out of a BUILT. class injury and pain free."

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