BUILT. Class Membership FAQs

What does the class membership give me?

At BUILT. membership gives you access to every single class we run – however, because strength and conditioning training can be quite physically (and mentally) taxing, you really only need to come two to four sessions a week. This will vary depending on your training history, and if you’re not sure, just message us and we’d be happy to sort it out for you.

Our Open Gym sessions also allow you to train an extra day or two a week if you would like, and here you can work on a preferred area of your body, or follow our fun programs for the day.

Are your coaches qualified?

Yes – in fact, they are super qualified.

Our amazing coaches have not only been working in the industry for close to a decade each, but they all have degrees in sport and exercise science and clinical exercise physiology (one even has a PhD). This means that they have a combination theoretical knowledge and practical experience that is rarely seen in this industry.

What sort of training do you facilitate?

While strength training is certainly a focus of ours, we cater our services to everyone. This means that if you are rehabbing an injury, looking to improve athletic performance, or simply want to get in the best shape you possibly can, we can help you.

Do you have shower and bathroom facilities at BUILT?

Absolutely. We have several showers and change rooms, making it the perfect place to train before or after work.

What is the parking situation like?

BUILT. is located on 51 Gilbert Street, Adelaide, 5000. There are a number of car parks (with free parking for at least 1-2 hours) right out the front. There should be no issues with you making your classes now!

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