Training at BUILT. means you have access to the best strength training equipment money can buy. This not only guarantees constant progress, but it also helps you train around any niggling injuries. So, whether you are an elite athlete or simply want to get fitter and stronger, it doesn’t matter – at BUILT. you can always keep moving forward.

At BUILT. we wanted to combine a group training environment with commercial grade gym equipment.

Belt Squat – There certainly is a simplicity about putting a bar on your back, adding weight and squatting until you can’t squat anymore. The Belt Squat allows you to continually strengthen your legs without loading your spine. This is great for anyone with lower back pain who still wants to strengthen their squatting pattern. It can also benefit anyone with shoulder or elbow injuries who may struggle with the back squat position.

Reverse Hyper – The Reverse Hyper is a tool that we used to strengthen the low back, glutes, hamstrings and erectors all whilst acting as a traction on the lumbar spine. The Reverse Hyper assist with alleviating lower back tightness and reducing load on the lower back from squatting and deadlifting.

Hip Machine – In the fitness industry we see plenty of hip extension strength whilst lacking strength through hip flexion, abduction and adduction. The hip machine allows you to strengthen your hips through all ranges of motion to create stability in all facets of life.

Single Leg Hamstring Curl – We believe in working on your weaknesses at BUILT. and working unilaterally will certainly allow you to do that. This custom made single leg hamstring curl will help strengthen your hamstrings, correct imbalances and removes excessive hip flexion (from traditional lying hamstring curls which ultimately result in “cheating” repetitions).

Bars – BUILT. has a wide variety of bars that can be used to optimise all styles of training. These include: Olympic weightlifting bar, Safety squat (yoke) bar, Cambered bar, EZ-bar (curl bar), Farmers walk handles, Buffalo bent barbell and an Earthquake bar.


Hip Thrust Bench – Traditional benches can be uncomfortable to use for certain exercises, but these high-density foam benches have been custom made to be more comfortable when you’re working on your hip strength.

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